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Alaric Apps can take care of your needs for the price you can afford. Whether it’s a custom application or one of our prebuilt solutions, we can help you become more efficient- easily.

Why choose us?


Our software scales and grows with your company so you don’t have to worry


You won’t be stuck paying for unnecessary features or extra functionality you don’ need


Streamline your business operations, making your company more efficient


Protect your company’s sensitive and private data in secure applications.

Some of Our Applications

C.A.D.I.S. Online

Criminal Arrest Database Inquiry System. House all your arrest records in one system, print police reports for in house or public reports for profit. Create lineups easier than ever with our new lineup module.

Blink Notify

A Mass Notification system designed for Public Safety, healthcare, education, and businesses. Send alerts easily via text, email or voice with only a few clicks of a mouse!

See Read Say

Since 2009 individuals and schools have used See Read Say to help kids learn Dolche Sight words. In it’s latest version 2.x, See Read Say is better than ever and all new audio for clearer pronunciations.

We help individuals, businesses, educators and governments build apps they need

We build apps for children, businesses, individuals, government, and healthcare. Let us build the app you need at an affordable cost to you.

Our apps are easy to use by design. We believe that a user should be able to sit down and use our applications with little to no training. Easy to use or lower cost doesn’t have to mean less features or functionality.

Ever hear, “Your company is too small to work with”? Well, you won’t hear that from Alaric Apps. We work with agencies or businesses of all sizes!

“Alaric App developers and designers are easy to contact so you can always get the support you need. Applications are updated regularly and application features are implemented frequently as well.”

Jack Warren

Protecting your data

Security is always top-of-mind as we further build and improve our applications.
We are always thinking of ways to better protect your data and our applications for the best security and experience.

Amazon Web Services

Our platform is built on Amazon Web Services, which is itself compliant with certifications such as SOC 2, CSA, ISO 27001, and more.

Vulnerability testing

Our hosted servers use automated code testing, vulnerability testing (including OWASP Top 10) and continuous monitoring technologies.

Point-in-time recovery

Alaric Apps can access point-in-time data recovery for your own data at any time.

Extensive logs

Alaric Apps solutions come with logs so that you can review what your app has done, even in the background.

RDS AES-256 encryption

We use AWS RDS’s AES-256 encryption to encrypt data at rest.

User-defined privacy

An app’s data is protected at the application level via user-defined privacy rules.

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